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various adj
1 of many different kinds purposefully arranged but lacking any uniformity; "assorted sizes"; "his disguises are many and various"; "various experiments have failed to disprove the theory"; "cited various reasons for his behavior" [syn: assorted]
2 considered individually; "the respective club members"; "specialists in their several fields"; "the various reports all agreed" [syn: respective(a), several(a), various(a)]
3 distinctly dissimilar or unlike; "diverse parts of the country"; "celebrities as diverse as Bob Hope and Bob Dylan"; "animals as various as the jaguar and the cavy and the sloth" [syn: diverse]
4 having great diversity or variety; "his various achievements are impressive"; "his vast and versatile erudition" [syn: versatile]

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From varieux, from varius


  1. more than one indeterminate thing
    Various books have been taken.
    There are various ways to fix the problem.
    You have broken various of the rules.


  1. An eclectic range of
    The reasons are various.

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an eclectic range of

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Various, or Various Production, is an English dubstep/electronic music duo formed in 2003. The group blends samples, acoustic and electronic instrumentation, and singing from a revolving cast of vocalists. Its members, Adam and Ian, purposefully give very little information about the group or themselves, and tend to do little in the way of self-promotion. Nevertheless, the group began winning critical acclaim with its single releases in 2005 and 2006. Their full-length for XL, The World is Gone, arrived in July of 2006. They have released a large number of vinyl EP's and 7" records, as well as digital exclusives for Rough Trade, iTunes, and Boomkat.
The duo signed a publishing deal with the newly formed Fire Songs in November 2007. A division of eclectic London-based record label Fire Records


  • "Hater"/"Byker" (7")
  • "Phortune"/"Limbs" (7")
  • Chief (EP)
  • "I'm Really Hot"/"Where I Belong" (12")
  • "Bruk"/"Home (edit)" (7")
  • "13" (12")
  • "Foller"/"Home" (7")
  • "Sir"/"In This" (7")
  • "Turn it Up"/"No Win No Fee" (12")
  • The World Is Gone (LP, XL Recordings, July 17, 2006)
  • "Mr Clever"/"Lost (dub)" (12")
  • "Today"/"Go Beat" (12")
  • "What About Them"/"Too Lost In" (12")
  • "Cogmac"/"Queen Bee" (7")


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